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Hi. My name is Jordan Catapano, and I love teaching. I’ve got more than a decade of teaching under my belt, and each year I’ve fallen more in love with the profession. I love the connections I make in this career, with students, parents, colleagues, leaders, and the community.

I teach English in District 211 in Illinois. That’s a Chicago suburb, and I’m very blessed to be there. This blog is my own, naturally, and has nothing to do with my employer.

But education is changing. Are you ready? We don’t just need teachers who do things “by the book” and prepare students for a successful life in the 20th century. We need teachers to become leaders and to fully empower and equip their students to thrive in the 21st-century.

I’ve been growing over the last decade. I fully believe in self-directed professional development, and have enjoyed numerous opportunities to help my colleagues along in that process. This blog is something along those lines — a place both for me to gather my thoughts and grow as a teacher, but also to encourage my fellow teachers out there to continue to grow into those better versions of themselves that are waiting for them.

If you want some of the technical info, here goes: I’m a National Board Certified Teacher, am current heading up my school’s teacher-led Instructional Development Committee and another teacher-led Connectedness Team whose objective it is to help get colleagues “connected” to the digital resources they can use to take over their own professional development. I’m a family man, too: married with three surprisingly small children, and in love with them all. You’ll find parental-like thoughts sneaking into this blog from time to time.

I’m devoted to growing and innovating. Are you? If so, then come along with me and lets sharpen one another into better, stronger, more powerful teachers who can help reshape the educational landscape of America.